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Dr. Gerald Konanec (Montreal, Canada)
A first hole in one was recorded at the 22nd Annual Quebec Ukrainian
Amateur Golf Tournament on Saturday June 10th., 1989 at the Bluff Point
Golf & Country Club in Plattsburg, N.Y.

It was a beautifull sunny day when Dr. Gerald Konanec set up to tee off
at the par 3, 127 yard, 9th hole with his trusty 7 iron. With other
members of the group, Nick Sagan, John Cater & George Sowinski
approached the 9th green one ball was missing. After searching all
around the green someone decided to look in the hole and low and behold,
there it was. Party time thereafter.




Nick Zerebecki (Mullica Hill, New Jersey)
Sent August 18, 2002 - West Island Ukrainian Golf Association Tournament.
Thanks for putting on the Tournament. I lived in Lachine and Pointe Claire for 30 years,
before moving to Los Angeles, where we lived 8 years.  We have been living in New Jersey
for the past 10 years.  I try to visit with friends and family as often as possible and the golf
outing was a way to have some fun.  I played with Steve Bishyk from Lachine and George
Zerebecki who lives in Pointe Claire.
We saw the ball roll onto the green and then it disappeared.  It looked like it rolled off the
green.  We looked under the pine tree behind the green and could not find the ball.  Finally,
someone suggested we look in the hole and there it was.  After 35 years of golf, a hole in one.



Ottawa golf tournament


Olivier Favre (Ottawa, Ontario)

On Saturday, September 6th, 2014 while playing at the Meadows Golf & Country Club for the Ottawa Ukrainian Golf Association’s 31st tournament. Our foursome was Olivier Favre, his son Anton, Danny Kuka and his son Elias.

It started out as a rainy day. First 9 holes it was raining on and off. Second 9 was better, but greens were slow and when we got to the “closest to the pin” par 3, Olivier was first to drive.  Around 160 yards, he used an 8 iron, tee’d up a bit and just let it go.  It landed on the green, but we lost sight of it.  We all hit and Elias Kuka was closest to the pin, so we thought.  Once we got on the green we noticed three balls but Olivier’s was nowhere to be seen, until we heard a yelp and he told us to come see.  There was a divot where the ball landed.  We include two photos; the divot photo and the actual ball in the hole.  His first “Hole-in-One” ever and Anton, his ten year old son, was there to witness it.  I believe this was the first Hole-in-One at this tournament in 31 years.


Hole in one 1 Sep 17, 2014, 3-42 PM    hole in one 2 Sep 17, 2014, 3-41 PM